At Strive Concrete Cutting, Inc., it is our mission to conduct our operations in the safest, most efficient and productive means possible. We strive to create value for our customers, to earn their trust and to gain the respect of the communities we work in. Our commitment to our customer is further supported by Strive’s commitment to inspire our employees, provide sound leadership, and recognize what we can accomplish as a team.

When Strive Concrete Cutting, Inc. was established in June of 2003, we hit the ground running with many years of experience in the concrete cutting industry. With over 40 years in this business, we've gained invaluable insight and knowledge. While we've worked hard to establish ourselves as a trusted name in concrete cutting, we've learned that what customers desire most is simply this: great service at a fair price.

Through our knowledge of deep saw cutting, supervising and completing contracts both large and small, we extend to our customers the benefit of hard-earned expertise. Moreover, we continually seek the best products and methods available to increase our efficiency and productivity.

We've been involved in many projects through the years, but some of our most notable concrete-cutting jobs include work for: Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, the Port of Long Beach, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Disneyland, Orange County Performing Arts Center, and Angel Stadium.

Strive Concrete Cutting is signatory with the Laborers' Union, we are a certified Diverse/Minority/Small Business Enterprise with Caltrans (DBE), the California Public Utilities Commission (MBE), and the Port of Long Beach/San Diego Water Authority (SBE). We participate in a Drug and Alcohol Consortium, and our operators are well-trained, pre-employment screened and carry TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credentials) cards.

About the Owners

Vince Chavez has been involved in the concrete cutting industry for more than 40 years. As a young man, he quickly learned the value and pride of a job well done. In doing so, Vince saw that there was no better way to earn trust and repeat business; it’s a work ethic he’s carried through his early years working for leading companies, to the well-established business he runs today. His extensive knowledge as an operator, field manager, and supervisor helped him develop a foundation in customer service, quality workmanship and innovation. Vince is always looking for new products and techniques to improve efficiency and productivity. And after all these years, Vince still welcomes the challenge of working with and advising operators and colleagues on technical issues that arise. After working for other concrete cutting companies for more than 25 years, he decided it was time to lead on his own and he founded Strive Concrete Cutting, Inc. in 2003. Vince's goal: always give the customer the best of what we offer. Today, his many years in business demonstrate a standard of excellence, success and value that he intends to hold on to.

Sandi Chavez co-founded Strive Concrete Cutting with Vince in 2003, after many years working in the industry. During that time, Sandi learned the administrative side of the business and now uses her communication skills to promote Strive's growth and vitality. Her knowledge and background with public utilities entities helped Strive develop its niche with public works. Always seeking to progress, she is a recent graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, which helps small businesses gain valuable skills to help them thrive; Sandi believes it is important to the health of any business to keep learning and improving; through affiliations, mentorship programs, and business support services. She always knew that her business experience and enterprise, combined with Vince's concrete-cutting expertise and vision, would help them achieve their purpose: building a reputable, well-run company that provides outstanding value to its customers.